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CROIERG's Incident Coping Criteria
  • Effective Training
  • Effective Communication
  • Planning
  • Practical, easily-understood procedures
  • Good supplies of specialised equipment, including trailer units.
  • Co-operation with various emergency services and government agencies in various States and Territories

CROIERG acknowledges that the best way to minimise risk is to develop expertise and Group Training Sessions and Bulletins work towards this end.

The equipment in the Storage Area and Spill Response Trailers are the major asset of the group and enable a quick response to be made to an incident by group members who may be involved in an accident or incident in the course of their work related activities.

Petrasafe Principles

The Group was formed strictly in accordance with the principles outlined in the AIP PETRASAFE Guidelines.

It still follows these guidelines many years later!

The group concept is one of ‘Mutual-Aid’ for equipment & supplies - a commonsense approach which assists in compliance with legislation for the transport of dangerous goods as outlined in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code and assocated Regulations


Members who have an incident are entitled to access the CROIERG emergency equipment. Members take part in emergency training, participate in the organisation of the group, and have access rights not only to the public section of the web site but to the manual and to the training bulletins and group news.

Third party responders can only access CROIERG trailers and equipment on behalf of financial members of CROIERG. Equipment usage by non-members is not allowed

Contact Brian O'Connor for information about membership



The Canberra & Regions Oil Industry Emergency Response Group, Incorporated

This site is the property of Canberra & Regions Oil Industry Emergency Response Group Incorporated


This is a recommended procedure only and CROIERG cannot accept responsibility for any incident or consequence thereof, whether or not in violation of any law or regulation, which arises or is alleged to have arisen from the operation of vehicles or equipment or from the handling or petroleum products or other materials referred to herein or as a result of any statement in this publication

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