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The Bulk Tanker Emergency Responder Card is administered by the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) and supported by the Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC)

This specialist course can only be delivered by the approved provider, the Transport Industries Skills Centre (TISC) in Canberra

The Card recognizes that the holder has received formal training in dealing with bulk tanker emergencies

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Sydney East NSW
31 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Benalla VIC 22 Spill Response
Beresfield NSW 17 Spill Response
Bordertown SA 24 Spill Response
Brisbane QLD 25 Spill Response
Canberra ACT 2 Spill Response
Canberra ACT 3 Spill Response Pumping Unit
Canberra ACT 4 Spill Response Skimmer Unit
Canberra ACT 5 Training Cutaway Unit Unit
Canberra ACT 6 Training Rollover Unit
Canberra ACT 29 Training Unit Pump Equipped
Canberra ACT 30 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Cooma NSW 27 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Cootamundra NSW 14 Spill Response
Dubbo NSW 36 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Eden NSW 10 Spill Response
Forbes NSW 18 Spill Response
Goulburn NSW 8 Spill Response
Griffith NSW 13 Spill Response
Holbrook NSW 20 Spill Response
Lismore NSW 35 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Melbourne VIC
37 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Mildura VIC 16 Spill Response
Moruya NSW 12 Spill Response
Newcastle NSW 19 Spill Response
Orange NSW 11 Spill Response
Port Kembla NSW 34 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Prestons West Sydney NSW
32 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Beresfield NSW 17 Spill Response
Rockhampton QLD 28 Spill Response
Rockhampton QLD 33 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Shepparton VIC 15 Spill Response
Wagga Wagga NSW 26 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Wauchope NSW 21 Spill Response
Wodonga VIC 9 Spill Response
Yass NSW 23 Spill Response


Trailer access criteria is in the Members Area

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Member's please note that the equipment usage and accountability criteria are specific and clearly spelt out in CROIERG information in the Member's Manual, which is available in the Member's Area of this website

CROIERG appreciates the efforts of the host companies who look after our trailers at various locations and provide monthly checks to ensure they are operational

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June 2011



The CROIERG committee will meet at the Yass Soldiers Club on June 15th 2011

Members should advise the secretary (Brian O’Connor) of any items that would like considered for the meeting agenda


Phone 0428 627 777


Colin Broom, Operations Manager NSW, Caltex Australia Petroleum was elected chairman of CROIERG following the departure of Peter Dwyer from the industry in March

Colin was previously the deputy chairman.

Colin is also having a change of industry and heading for the land of beverages with Coca Cola in June

The CROIERG Committee will elect a new chairman at their next scheduled meeting on June 15th

In the interim Paul Pulver of Ron Finemore Transport will fill the position as acting chairman.


Meetings have been held between the Transport Industries Skills Centre (TISC), the National Bulk Tanker Association (NBTA) and CROIERG to finalise arrangements for the marketing and administration of the two training courses.

These meetings have been held in Melbourne, Canberra and Yass and the provision of industry related training aids was also discussed.

These meetings are essential for all parties involved and provide a platform of mutual understanding, especially in regard to clarification in regards to "The Card" which will be issued to all successful Stage 2 Course participants and be recognised by the Emergency Services across Australia.


We are at present giving consideration to modifications for our spill response trailers.

With the committee agreeing that all trailers should now having pumping equipment installed we are looking closely at the best way to ensure that pumping gear and sorbents are now only sectionised in the units but also stored in a much more user friendly manner.

We have some very good suggestions for the committee to consider.


Spill Response Trailers

Spill Response Trailers


May 10, 2011 AAP

The NSW auditor-general says the state has a weak and poorly coordinated regulatory regime for the transportation of dangerous goods like petrol, gas and pesticides.

While the number of accidents involving the transport of dangerous goods had declined, the regulation of the industry by state agencies could be improved, Auditor-General Peter Achterstraat said.

Mr Achterstraat's report criticises the small number of inspections by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) - just 303 in 2009-10 - despite Port Botany handling about 50,000 containers of dangerous goods every year.

The regulatory system was also undermined by poor communication between government bodies such as the OEH, Workcover and the Centre for Road Safety, he said on Tuesday.

"The NSW Centre for Road Safety reported nearly 60 crashes involving transport of dangerous goods in 2009-10," Mr Achterstraat said in a statement.

"However, the Office of Environment and Heritage received reports of only 11 incidents in the same period. Information about dangerous goods incidents needs to improve.

"Agencies who share responsibility for regulating the transportation of dangerous goods must work more closely to better use their resources and target areas of greatest risk."

The auditor-general called on the OEH and WorkCover to better target and penalise those who break transportation requirements.

Checks on licensing also needed to be tightened, with the report saying the integrity of the system could be at risk of fraud and corruption.

"It is pleasing that accidents involving the transportation of dangerous goods are on the decline and that there have been recent improvements in the number of inspections," Mr Achterstraat said.

"But our regulatory regime has been weak, with little coordination between agencies and knowledge about the transportation of dangerous goods in this state."



This is a very good publication and members will find items of interest. Ed

Transport Canada Logo

Transport Canada have published their Spring 2011 Edition of the Dangerous Goods Newsletter

Lots of interesting articles, including the statistics relating to the transport of dangerous Goods in Canada for the Year 2010.


  • Road 231
  • Rail 122
  • Air 12
  • Marine 11
  • Pipeline 0
  • Non transport 468
  • Multi modal 3


  • Class 1  Explosives 21
  • Class 2  Compressed Gas 169
  • Class 3  Flammable Liquids 193
  • Class 4  Flammable Solids 18
  • Class 5  Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides 57
  • Class 6  Poisonous and Infectious Substances 43
  • Class 7  Radioactives 11
  • Class  Corrosives 268
  • Class 9  Miscellaneous 13
  • NR  Non-regulated 202
  • Mixed Load  8
  • Unknown  24

This includes primary and subsidiary classes, and possibly multiple DGs per emergency.

Download the Canada Transport Dangerous Goods Newsletter (Spring 2011).


Calgary Canada (April 27, 2011) The Canadian Petroleum Products Institute (CPPI) recognized four transportation companies who collectively made more than 98,495 safe deliveries of petroleum products on behalf of CPPI member companies in Western Canada in 2010

For a graph of carrier incident frequency performance see below:



Shell have announced that they are to construct the biggest ship ever built to tap and freeze gas from the Prelude field, 475 km northeast of Broome off the West Australia coast.

  • This giant ship will be 488 metres long and 74 metres wide
  • It will stayed moored in water 250 metres deep for 25 years
  • It will create 1000 jobs
  • It will add $45 billion to the economy

It will be nearly five footie fields long (Rugby/Soccer) and 6 times heavier than the world’s biggest aircraft carrier

It will be longer than the Wills Tower in Chicago is high (442 metres), which was the tallest building in the world when built in 1973.



You can always rely on the Fire Brigades. Ed

May 10, 2011 Memphis, Tennessee USA

A 1.5 million gallon (5.7 million litre) tank of soybean oil broke free from some of its stabilizing braces along the already engorged Mississippi River Tuesday.

"The tank started to tip a little bit, so inevitably the water was coming up. The chances are it would break free," explained Memphis Fire Department Director Alvin Benson.

The Memphis Fire Department's special operations team responded quickly. They were seen hoisting ropes to the tanker, securing the lines to a fire truck and then connecting water hoses.

They plan to fill the tank with nearly 75,000 gallons of water.

"The water would add weight to the tank itself. The tank would ultimately sit itself back down."

The process is expected to take hours. The owners of the massive soybean tank immediately called 9-1-1 when they noticed something was wrong. Fire Director Alvin Benson says the quick response kept an already dangerous situation from becoming a disaster.

"The danger there if it floats away it could endanger barges or other water traffic and things like that so we want to work on that."
After nearly four hours of working, the 1.5 million gallon tank of soybean oil was stabilized.

See a Video.


April 26, 2011 Metro Vancouver, BC, CANADA

A proposed 80-million-litre jet-fuel tank farm and pipeline poses a catastrophic risk to people and the environment on the lower Fraser River, a coalition of Richmond residents warned Monday.

"The risks are unacceptable," said school trustee Carol Day, chair of Vancouver airport Pipeline Opposition for Richmond. "This threatens people, wildlife, fishing, and a very sensitive estuary. A spill or collision could be catastrophic."

B.C.'s environmental assessment office has set Tuesday as the final day for public comment on the proposal by a consortium of domestic and international airlines operating as the Vancouver airport Fuel Facilities Corporation.

Proposed Jet Fuel storage terminal in Canada

Proposed Jet Fuel storage terminal in Canada

Residents are urging the office to quash the proposal outright and to consider alternatives, including potential twinning of the existing pipeline that delivers jet fuel to the airport or even construction of a new pipeline along a safe inland route to Washington state refineries.

Day said it's all about money and the airlines' desire to own their own pipeline and delivery system that would allow them to access markets around the world and get the best deal.

"You're hard pressed to find a politician who thinks this is a good idea," she said, adding that Port Metro Vancouver also says the consortium has failed to make its case.

Among the port's concerns are that a full range of 14 options have not been properly explored and that the consortium has not addressed the cumulative impact on endangered resident killer whales.

Otto Langer, a former senior biologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, added that a jet-fuel spill in the lower Fraser would threaten every level of the ecosystem. The area is annual home to Canada's largest wintering population of birds and to millions of salmon headed upstream to spawn and up to one billion juvenile salmon migrating downstream to the Fraser estuary.

Langer said the proposed facility has the probability of a 50-barrel (8,000-litre) spill in six years and a 1,000-barrel (160,000-litre) spill in 32 years. "That's a tremendous amount of fuel," he said.

Scott Carswell lives in a condo development near the SilverCity Riverport movie complex off Steveston Highway just 400 metres from the planned tank farm. He has "serious concerns" about the ability of firefighters to respond to a tank-farm blaze, noting a similar fire last month at Miami International Airport damaged the fire-suppression system.

"There is no containment of vapour release," he added. "It would be on us immediately."

Read more.


He deserves 27 medals in my opinion. Ed


(Especially considering he drove for 3 kms)

April 26, 2011 Jodhpur, INDIA

A tragedy was today averted when the driver of a tanker, which had caught fire, drove the vehicle away from the crowded area here.

The tanker had caught fire while unloading fuel at a petrol pump near Bombay Motor Circle here this morning, police said.

But the driver displayed presence of mind and drove the blazing tanker in a deserted location, three km away from here, they said. "Nisar Khan drove the vehicle through the crowded roads to a deserted place...

Some vehicles were damaged when he tried to speed away," they said.

Fire tenders rushed to the spot but the vehicle was half burnt till then.



April 28, 2011 Ajman. United Arab Emirates

"The accident occurred when the driver of a petrol tanker suddenly saw a car entering the road in front of his tanker," said Col Ali Saeed al Matrooshi, director general of the Traffic and Licensing Department at Ajman Police.

"To avoid colliding with the car, the tanker driver veered to the left lane of the road, leading to a heavy collision of his tanker with a Toyota Corolla that was behind it in the left lane. A Hyundai car travelling behind also piled on."

A male passenger in the Toyota Corolla died on the spot and his driver died a few minutes after reaching Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah.

Both of the deceased were Pakistanis.

The driver of the petrol tanker and the Hyundai were both injured and also taken to Kuwait Hospital for treatment.



April 30, 2011 Beijing, CHINA

A fuel tanker burst into flames after hitting four cars in southwest China Friday, killing seven people dead and injuring four, officials said.

The accident took place at 3.55 p.m. when the tanker, crashed into four cars.

Three of the vehicles caught fire after the crash, Xinhua reported citing the Safety Supervision Bureau of Sichuan province.

Firefighters rushed to the scene shortly after the accident, and managed to douse the fire and clear the site.


TWO DIE IN RED MOUNTAIN TANKER ROLL OVER (California) Tanker on side at Red Mountain

April 28, 2011 San Bernardino California USA

California Highway Patrol and San Bernardino County Fire responded to a semi-truck hauling reclaimed oil that had failed to negotiate a curve and had rolled multiple times in to the open desert near 395 and Trona Road in Red Mountain.

The driver, Robert Grandberry, a 49 year-old male resident of Long Beach, and Marci Cherisse Tate, a 31 year old female resident of Long Beach, were both pronounced dead on-scene.

A second female passenger was air-lifted to a medical center. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.



April 30, 2011 Queensland

Two men who fled after a car they were travelling in collided with a truck carrying flammable goods have been caught by police in north Queensland.

The men were passengers in a sedan that crossed to the wrong side of the Bruce Highway at Rollingstone and crashed into a northbound truck carrying liquefied petroleum gas about 12.45am (AEST) today.

Police said the third man in the car, the driver, was taken to the Townsville Base Hospital with serious injuries.

The two passengers fled the scene but were later caught by police and were being questioned.

The crash shut the highway at the Lorna Creek Bridge for several hours before reopening about 7.30am (AEST) after the truck was declared safe enough to be moved.




The driver of a tanker truck involved in a crash on the Outer Loop of the Capital Beltway in Alexandria has been charged with reckless driving.

Washington DC tanker

Washington DC tanker

The crash, Monday morning, snarled traffic in that area for hours, as crews worked to right the tanker and to clean up the spilled contents -- used cooking oil.

All lanes were closed for several hours on the Outer Loop of the Capital Beltway, blocking all traffic. A Virginia State Police spokesperson says the tanker truck was traveling eastbound on Interstate 495 when traffic suddenly braked in front of it.

As the truck tried to avoid striking another vehicle, it swerved and overturned onto its side. Virginia Police were called to the scene around 10:46 a.m.

The tank had to be completely drained before crews could upright and remove the damaged truck.

The driver of the truck, Ronald J. Sample, 39, of Baltimore, was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. He was charged with reckless driving.

Crews remained for hours after the crash working to clean up the spilled contents.

Traffic officials were diverting drivers off the Beltway onto Telegraph Road, WTOP Traffic's Jack Taylor reports, then through Huntington Avenue and Route 1 to get around the accident.


May 3, 2011 Huizhou CHINAChina tanker rollover

Yesterday morning, a fully loaded 35 tons of diesel oil in a large tanker in Huizhou city Jinshan Bridge approach road occurred at a turning roll, damage caused by more than 20 tons of diesel oil tank leaked out, which lead to fierce grab the public, after Fire and Police to stop.

According to reports, about 9 am yesterday, a six-axle large tankers from Huizhou Jinshan Bridge is the bridge, ready to turn to third Ring Road, they suspect excessive speed, following the bridge’s approach roads turn hit the next barriers leading to rollover.

Front and three oil tanks were severely damaged cells, diesel leak in one place, and a roadside ditch flow at least 20 tons.

About 100 nearby residents have the news and tools for the professional equipment to get the oil drums to come to grab oil.

Fire and Safety supervision department, according to Huizhou introduced after the accident, Huizhou City traffic police, fire, safety supervision and other departments rushed to the scene to deal with the tanker driver and one escort on the injuries was taken to hospital for treatment.

People come to grab the oil has been prevented in time.

Firefighters on the road and roadside ditches drain the diesel injection foam to prevent fire and explosion. Huizhou City traffic police, fire, safety supervision and other departments quickly dispatched more than 100 rescue personnel, timely evacuation of people grab the oil, and sent five fire engines and three cranes to handle the scene.

Present specific reasons for the accident are still under investigation.


Source China Daily


Here is a followup news story on an incident we mentioned in our May Web News.

Again the environmental restorations costs high on the agenda. Ed

May 2, 2011 CANADA

Stand long enough next to Goldstream River and the gasoline smell will eventually burble to the surface.

More than a week after a Columbia Fuels tanker crashed and spilled nearly 42,000 litres of gasoline into the river, residual fuel remained glued to stones in the water. Dead salmon fry are visible from the riverbank.

"There’s lots of dead sculpin today," remarked Laurie Boyle, an emergency planning response officer with the Ministry of Environment, holding a plastic bag with half a dozen small fish.

Environment officer with bag of dead fish

Environment officer with bag of dead fish

Absorbent booms were strung across Goldstream River near Finlayson Arm Road late last month to catch gasoline residue slowly making its way to the surface. A majority of the fuel — 600 litres of it was also diesel — flowed into the Goldstream estuary and evaporated, but traces remain on rocks or absorbed into soil and streamside vegetation.

Graham Knox, manager of the environmental emergency program with the Ministry of Environment, said it could take weeks for ministry staff, First Nations and other agencies to try to quantify damage done to the river ecosystem.

"All agencies and First Nations will contribute. We want to get a good picture of the full range of damage," Knox said. "We need to determine what Columbia Fuels is responsible for remediating."

Knox and fisheries biologists with Tsawout First Nation reported last week that thousands of juvenile chum and coho died in the initial wave of gasoline. Now they need to determine if fish are returning to the main channel and if residual fuel is linked to further deaths.

"Some (salmon) may have moved up a side channel and are now moving back," Knox said. "We’re looking for new mortalities from material trapped under cobbles. But every hour, every day (the fuel) breaks down more."

Determining the extent of the damage is a difficult question, and bringing the ecosystem back to full health, if possible, will be delicate balance between remediation and letting nature do the work.

Knox said there could be habitat restoration projects and work with the Goldstream hatchery to release more fish, but environmental officers want to avoid coming at the river with a heavy hand.

"We aren’t going to be raking the entire river," he said. "Some solutions are more damaging and invasive."

Knox agreed the fuel spill in Goldstream River is a disaster for the ecosystem and people who depend on the river for food, but to what extent will be determined by research and monitoring.

"For the First Nations people who rely on chum for food and cultural uses, it is a disaster. For the hatchery (volunteers) who put all this effort into making this a productive stream, it’s a disaster," Knox said. "For the fish it’s a disaster. To what extent is to be determined."

At the Goldstream Nature House, park naturalist Bre Statham said the phone was ringing off the hook from people wanting to help clean up the river.

"People call and say ‘I’ve got my gum boots, what can I do?’" she said. "Unfortunately letting the public in the river would do more harm than good, but the community support is amazing. So many people are passionate about the river."


And a follow-up to the follow-up. Ed


Tens of thousands paid out in claims filed over inconvenience to travellers (Canada)

May 25, 2011 CANADA

Columbia Fuels has spent tens of thousands of dollars on claims from motorists whose travel plans were disrupted when one of its tanker trucks crashed on the Malahat in April.

The company would not provide an exact figure, but said it has approved the majority of more than 750 claims, with 13 per cent rejected and 26 per cent still under review. The claims deadline expired last week.

Costs are "definitely in the tens of thousands," said marketing director Andrea Voysey.

A Columbia Fuels tanker truck crashed and spilled thousands of litres of gasoline and diesel into Goldstream River on April 16.

In addition to polluting the salmon-bearing stream, the crash resulted in hundreds of travellers spending hours trapped in gridlock after the highway was shut down for almost 24 hours to allow for the cleanup. Most of the reimbursements were for hotels and food, said Voysey.



An unidentified woman died when her vehicle caught fire after an accident in Greenfield Township Tuesday afternoon.

State police said the woman's minivan burst into flames after an empty tanker truck jackknifed and hit her stopped vehicle at the intersection of Routes 430 and 89 in Greenfield Township at about 3:20 p.m.Tanker hits light pole after crash

Police said the woman was believed to be transporting filled gas cans in her vehicle, along with two dogs that also died in the fire, and the gasoline caused an explosion and flames.

Police said the driver of the tanker truck was driving "too fast for conditions" and did not see the van or the intersection in time to brake safely because of dense fog.

The van was sandwiched between the tanker truck and another car in the crash. Passengers in the car suffered minor injuries, and the car was towed from the scene. No injuries were reported for the drivers of the tanker or a second truck, which was trailing the tanker and suffered minor damage in the crash.

Police would not identify the woman on the scene. Deputy coroner Dennis Suscheck said the coroner's office hopes to identify her using dental records when her body is examined today.

Police believe the woman died in the fire and not in the accident itself, but Suscheck said that could not be confirmed at the scene.

"The body was so badly burned it was hard to determine any injuries," Suscheck said. The fire destroyed the van.

The tanker truck also crashed into a light pole in the intersection before overturning, knocking down one set of streetlights. Traffic was detoured from the area and temporary stop signs were put in place of the lights.

Jim O'Neal, the owner of JB's Diner at Colt Station, located on Route 89 near the intersection, said one of his employees saw the accident and he immediately went outside to get pictures and video of the crash and fire. "She said it looked like the truck hydroplaned and crashed into the van," O'Neal said.

O'Neal said he saw the driver of the truck try to approach the van to help the woman, but he was unable to because of the size of the fire.

The tanker truck was heavily damaged, and PennDOT workers had to clean up the scene.




May 5, 2011 Portland, Oregon USA

A train derailed and smashed into a parked train carrying ethanol outside Portland, Oregon on Wednesday, sparking an intense fire that forced homes and businesses to evacuate.

Oregon rail tank car crash

Oregon rail tank car crash

Rail Tankers on fire and lumber train

Rail Tankers on fire and lumber train

The flames were so fierce that firefighters were withdrawn from the immediate area and attacked it from turrets from across a highway, Portland Fire and Rescue Bureau spokeswoman Alisa Cour told Reuters.

Crews dumped water on the blaze for about three hours before putting it out about 4 p.m. local time, Cour said.

Homes and businesses were evacuated for a one-half mile radius but no injuries were reported. Rail tankers and fire in Oregon

Firefighters were still spraying water after the fire was out "to make sure there are no residual flames," Cour said.

Several agencies are on the scene evaluating the area around the accident for possible environmental issues.

Cour estimated that between 30-40 trucks from Portland, Scappoose Fire Department and Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue were at the scene.

Three of the 13 tanker cars carrying ethanol were burning, said Michael Williams, director of corporate communications for Genesee & Wyoming Inc., which owns the railroad.

Highway 30, which runs parallel to the train tracks, was closed. The cause of the derailment is not yet known, Williams said

Source Reuters

View a video of this incident.


May 11, 2011 CHARLOTTE -- South Carolina

The driver of a gasoline tanker died early Wednesday when he apparently fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a bridge abutment on Interstate 485 at Providence Road in Charlotte.

The truck burst into flames after the crash, which happened about 12:15 a.m. on I-485's outer loop. The fire and resulting clean-up closed Interstate 485 for several hours. Providence Road also was closed for a time.

The inner loop of I-485 was reopened about 3 a.m., and authorities were able to open one of the two lanes on the outer loop about 5 a.m. The other outer loop lane was opened about 7 a.m.

Charlotte fire Capt. Rob Brisley said the truck was fully involved in flames when firefighters arrived. He said crews got a break, as they were able to hook their hoses to a hydrant on nearby Providence Road, above the wreck scene. "Crews stretched hose lines down to the fire truck," Brisley said. "That's one reason why Providence Road was closed."

Brisley said it took the 40-plus firefighters about 50 minutes to put out the fire. Crews from Matthews helped deal with the blaze.

A big problem facing firefighters was determining if there was fuel in the tanker part of the truck. Brisley said crews were able to find the number on the truck and contact the owner.

"Crews found out that the driver had off-loaded the fuel he was transporting before the crash," Brisley said. The identity of the driver has not been released.

Complicating the job was the arrival of a strong thunderstorm, which struck the area less than an hour after the crash. Firefighters spread foam and water on the wreckage while lightning bolts flashed around them and heavy rain fell.


View a photo-gallery of this incident.


Tragedy struck at Ibafo, Ogun State this morning, as five trucks crashed, leaving a diesel tanker driver and his assistant dead.

The incident occurred at about 6 a.m today when the diesel tanker hit a stationary petrol tanker that had earlier been involved in a minor accident late last night.

Multiple tankers involved in Nigeria incident

Multiple tankers involved in Nigeria incident

One of the tankers in the Nigerian incident

One of the tankers in the Nigerian incident

Speaking with P.M.NEWS at the scene of the accident this morning, the driver of one of the affected trucks, Robert Igedo, blamed the deceased diesel tanker driver for the accident.

According to him, if the diesel tanker was not on a high speed, "he wouldn’t have collided with our own stationary trucks that were involved in a minor accident yesterday." Another view of Lagos highway crash

Robert explained that "I was in this usual traffic in Ibafo yesterday when a petrol tanker hit me from the rear, while my own tanker hit another truck loaded with iron rods in front.

"Immediately this happened, we discovered that the petrol tanker was spilling its contents from one side, so we promptly alerted police and traffic men from Ibafo who came to control the traffic.

"We could not remove the vehicles yesterday because there could be a spark if we tried to do so. And the plan was to remove them this morning after the arrival of fire service men, but unfortunately, the diesel tanker, which was on a high speed, hit the petrol tanker and there was an explosion."

The diesel tanker driver and his assistant died as they were trapped by the fire inside their truck.

As at the time of filing this report, the incident had caused a heavy to a traffic gridlock along the Lagos/Ibadan expressway. Officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, and other law enforcement agencies were already at the scene trying to ease the traffic.


For a further report see below. Ed


A man with four wives and 17 children was among two persons consumed by fire, along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway yesterday, when a petrol tanker burst into flames in a multiple accident.

Several persons were injured in the early morning accident that involved five fuel tankers near the Mountain Top University, by the Mountain of Fire Ministries, Mowe, Ogun State.

One of the dead victims, Alhaji Abubakar Garuba, 55, was identified as a truck driver with 17 children. He allegedly lost control of his truck, and then ran into two tankers that were being offloaded after colliding on the highway.

Rising smoke from the raging fire, sparked by the collision, could be seen as far as Sagamu, in Ogun, and Ikorodu, Lagos.

Read more.


May 9, 2011 Richland, Washington State, USA

Employees of three Washington state agencies are testing how they would respond to an oil spill in the Columbia River at Richland.

About 60 people from the Ecology Department, Fish and Wildlife Department and Department of Natural Resources are gathering at Columbia Point Marina Park for Wednesday's exercise.

They're measuring the river current, taking water and sediment samples, and using GPS readings. Early assessments in the event of an oil spill help responders decide how to deploy gear and protect habitat.



May 14, 2011 Rimbey, Canada

A truck driver was sent to hospital Saturday morning after rolling his tanker truck into a ditch on a highway west of Rimbey.

Tanker blown over by the wind in Canada

Tanker blown over by the wind in Canada

RCMP says the driver lost control during a sharp turn on Highway 53 and Range Road 52 and wound up rolling into the ditch around 10 a.m. Police says strong gusts of wind in the area played a factor in the crash.

The driver was taken to the Rimbey hospital as a precaution.

The tanker truck was carrying crude oil and some of it leaked into the ditch but was contained by emergency crews.



(New Zealand) Tanker in Bay of Plenty NZ crash

May 11, 2011 Tauranga New Zealand

A fully-laden tanker crashed on to its side and spilled up to 7000 litres of oil sludge into a drain that empties into the Wairoa River near Tauranga.
The 22-wheeler was travelling towards Tauranga along Te Puna Station Rd when it rolled and skidded into a roadside ditch filled with water leading to the Wairoa River about 2.15pm yesterday.

The impact of the crash tore a large hole in the side of the tanker which was carrying waste oil and sludge from ships.

Traffic was blocked from using the road between Te Puna Rd and Clarke Rd as emergency services worked to rescue the driver, stop the leak and pull out the tanker.

The Tauranga driver, a 60-year-old woman, is understood to have been travelling from Auckland. She suffered a minor injury to her shoulder and was taken to Tauranga Hospital for treatment.

The crash forced the re-opening of State Highway 2, which had been closed for road works. Up until the crash, Te Puna Station Rd was used as a detour route for Tauranga-bound traffic travelling on SH2.
Cleanup continues at Te Puna Station Road NZ
Western Bay of Plenty head of road policing Senior Sergeant Ian Campion said police carried out a scene investigation but it was too early to determine the cause of the crash.

"The vehicle was travelling in a southern direction on Te Puna Station Rd and failed to negotiate a left hand bend and lost control and rolled."
Mr Campion said the area of road was not commonly known for accidents.



May 16, 2011 Anderson County, S.C.Rear of tanker after explosion

Anderson County fire officials are investigating a tanker truck explosion.

The explosion happened at 5 p.m. Monday at 3T Services in Belton. The company does service work on tankers.

Anderson County Fire Chief Billy Gibson said a worker was on top of a gasoline tanker making repairs when it exploded.

Gibson said flames from the welding torch may have sparked some residual fumes that could have been in the tanker.

The explosion blew off the back of the tanker, sending it 50 feet and debris flew as far as 300 feet.

The cause is still under investigation. One person was taken to Anmed Health with a broken arm and minor burns.



May 10, 2011 Ottawa, CANADA

Ottawa fire crews are crediting the quick actions of a gas-station attendant for avoiding a potential disaster Tuesday morning, after an explosion at the Ultramar on Montreal Road.

Jean-Yves Mailloux, who was filling up his mini-van at the pump in the early morning., was lucky to have escaped unharmed when the fire started around 7:30 a.m.

As he was refuelling, the customer saw a departing fuel tanker truck try to slalom its way through the pumps, and then clip a gas pump at the station. The spilled gas ignited, causing a small blast that destroyed the gas pump.

"His tank 'hurt' the pump, and the pump rose up a bit, and then the fire started," Mailloux said.

When the pump collapsed onto Mailloux's mini-van, setting it ablaze, he didn't bother to stick around.

"Immediately, after I saw the fire starting, I ran out," he said.

With the flames reaching high enough to burn the station's canopy, the gas-station attendant raced for the emergency fuel cut-off switch.

After fire at Ottawa Canada servo

After fire at Ottawa Canada servo

The tanker truck wasn't punctured, so the driver moved it out of harm's way. But Mailloux's car was destroyed, with the front end having melted.

"I'm very troubled with what happened because I'm out of a car now," he said, before leaving in a taxi, hauling his salvaged belongings in a garbage bag.

There were no injuries, but there is significant damage to the gas station. Crews managed to extinguish the blaze and remain on the scene to clean up the gas spill.

Had it not been for the gas-station employee who hit the switch valve to stop fuel from continuing to the pump, firefighters said things might have been far worse.

CBC News tried to interview the staff member, but an Ultramar spokesperson in Nova Scotia said the company doesn't allow employees to be interviewed.


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May 12,. 2011 Dayton OHIO

A tractor-trailer truck went off Interstate 675, landed on its top on Ohio 444 and burst into flames, reportedly killing one person today.

Wreckage on highway in Ohio

Wreckage on highway in Ohio

Troopers from the Xenia Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Greene County Sheriff deputies, Fairborn Police and fire officials responded. Interstate 675 reopened by 4:30 p.m., and Ohio 444 was nearly ready to reopen then.

The driver of the tractor-trailer is believed to be dead. Truck on fire under bridge

By 1 p.m., hazardous materials crews gave the OK for the troopers, firefighters and the coroner to start investigating. The accident was reported shortly before 11 a.m. Thursday, according to a state patrol dispatcher.

Lt. Marty Fellure of the Xenia Post of the State Patrol said the preliminary investigation suggests the tractor-trailer was travelling south on I-675 when it went into the left lane, hit the guardrail and went over the top of the bridge.

"He drifted off the left side of the road, from the left lane over towards the median, struck a guardrail. At that time, he kind of went airborne," Fellure said.

Fellure said there were no break marks on I-675 just before where the vehicle went over the guardrail. He estimated the truck was going at least 55 or 60 mph.

Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Franklin Hill was travelling on Ohio 444 at the time of the accident. He said he heard a scraping sound, turned his head to see where the sound was coming from and witnessed the tractor-trailer crashing onto Ohio 444 and bursting into flames.

"I saw it go off the bridge, land, crash and burst into flames," Hill said

"Nobody could have done anything. It was engulfed in flames. It was way too hot to get to." One motorist at the scene reported that the debris from the tractor-trailer hit his windshield as he was driving by the area.

The cab of the tractor-trailer melted away.

There is a large diesel spill, but it was not immediately known if the diesel was the item being transported by the tractor-trailer.

A foam truck from Wright Patterson Air Force Base was on the scene to help put out the flames. Representatives from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and members of a local HAZMAT team were also called to the scene.

Fellure said witnesses were giving statements and were being asked if they noticed any odd driver behaviour prior to the crash.



May 20, 2011 Montgomery County, Alabama

Wrecked tanker in Alabama

Wrecked tanker in Alabama

Interstate 65 has been closed from Exit 212 to Exit 219 after a fuel tanker overturned, according to Chilton County Sheriff Kevin Davis.

The tanker, carrying 8,000 pounds of diesel fuel, was traveling northbound near the 217-mile marker and overturned in the median, so both directions of traffic were closed at about 2:30 p.m.

The tanker’s driver was carried to a local hospital with minor injuries, but no other vehicles or people were involved in the wreck.



May 22, 2011 PESHAWAR, Pakistan NATO fuel tanker fire in Pakistan

A bomb attack Saturday on a NATO fuel tanker headed to Afghanistan sparked a huge fire that killed 15 people who had rushed to collect petrol leaking from the bombed-out vehicle.

Those killed in the attack near Landi Kotal town in the lawless northwestern Pakistan tribal region of Khyber were all civilians, nine of them from the same family, local administration official Shafeerullah Wazir told AFP.

Earlier, 11 other NATO supply vehicles, "most of them oil tankers" were destroyed at

a terminal in nearby Torkham town, another administration official, Iqbal Khattak, said, but there were no casualties.

The vehicles caught fire after a remote-controlled device was detonated under one of them around midnight, Khattak said, adding that he believed the Torkham and Landi Kotal attcks were coordinated. Local resident walks past wreckage of NATO fuel tanker

On Friday the Taliban bombed a US consulate convoy in Peshawar, killing one person and wounding 11 others in the first such attack on Americans in Pakistan since Osama bin Laden's death on May 2.

Wazir said the tanker in the Landi Kotal attack caught fire after a small bomb blast and villagers rushed to collect fuel leaking from the wreckage when the blaze was put out.

"Suddenly the fire erupted again and at least 15 people including five young boys who had been collecting oil in their buckets were burnt to death," he said.

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May 13, 2011 Warri, Nigeria—

Pandemonium took over the entire Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company, WRPC and its sister company, the Product and Pipeline Marketing Company, PPMC, both subsidiaries of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Monday evening when like a tragic bolt from the blues fire explosion engulfed the loading Island of the PPMC depot.Tanker loading rack at Warri Fuel Depot in Nigeria

The PPMC is the marketing and distribution arm of the NNPC whose depot facilities supply petroleum products through fuel tankers and pipeline networks to various parts of Nigeria.

The incident which took everyone by surprise started from the usually congested loading bay, according to sources, as a result of a spark from a tanker with battery problem. Another source told Vanguard Metro that it was caused by a tanker which in the process of trying to reverse after loading, hit its rear against an iron rod, resulting in a spark that set the commercial centre on fire.

Whatever is the immediate cause, one thing is certain: There was a spark that changed the course of event at the depot for almost five hours before the raging inferno was brought under control by men of the NNPC and SPDC fire services that excluded the fire service of nearby Chevron Nigeria Limited, CNL.

In the confusion that ensued nobody was ready to speak, especially as they had no idea then what actually happened. Indeed, running for the safety of one's life was the main preoccupation at that moment, except for men of the fire service department who stood up to the challenge.

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