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The Bulk Tanker Emergency Responder Card is administered by the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) and supported by the Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC)

This specialist course can only be delivered by the approved provider, the Transport Industries Skills Centre (TISC) in Canberra

The Card recognizes that the holder has received formal training in dealing with bulk tanker emergencies

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Sydney East NSW
31 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Benalla VIC 22 Spill Response
Beresfield NSW 17 Spill Response
Bordertown SA 24 Spill Response
Brisbane QLD 25 Spill Response
Canberra ACT 2 Spill Response
Canberra ACT 3 Spill Response Pumping Unit
Canberra ACT 4 Spill Response Skimmer Unit
Canberra ACT 5 Training Cutaway Unit Unit
Canberra ACT 6 Training Rollover Unit
Canberra ACT 29 Training Unit Pump Equipped
Canberra ACT 30 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Cooma NSW 27 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Cootamundra NSW 14 Spill Response
Dubbo NSW 36 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Eden NSW 10 Spill Response
Forbes NSW 18 Spill Response
Goulburn NSW 8 Spill Response
Griffith NSW 13 Spill Response
Holbrook NSW 20 Spill Response
Lismore NSW 35 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Melbourne VIC
37 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Mildura VIC 16 Spill Response
Moruya NSW 12 Spill Response
Newcastle NSW 19 Spill Response
Orange NSW 11 Spill Response
Port Kembla NSW 34 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Prestons West Sydney NSW
32 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Beresfield NSW 17 Spill Response
Rockhampton QLD 28 Spill Response
Rockhampton QLD 33 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Shepparton VIC 15 Spill Response
Wagga Wagga NSW 26 Spill Response Pump Equipped
Wauchope NSW 21 Spill Response
Wodonga VIC 9 Spill Response
Yass NSW 23 Spill Response


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Member's please note that the equipment usage and accountability criteria are specific and clearly spelt out in CROIERG information in the Member's Manual, which is available in the Member's Area of this website

CROIERG appreciates the efforts of the host companies who look after our trailers at various locations and provide monthly checks to ensure they are operational

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January 2011


The CROIERG Committee met at the Yass Soldiers Club, Yass NSW on Tuesday December 14th 2010.

Minutes of the committee meeting are available to members in the website Member’s Area

ETHANOL MIXTURE TANKER PLACARDS (Emergency Information Panels (EIP’s)


The NSW Dept of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) have advised that exemptions have been granted for the placarding (EIP’s) of tankers transporting petrol, diesel and ethanol/petrol mixtures >10%

This exemption applies nationally.

In summary:




1203 / 3475




1270 / 3475

DECCW material on exemptions and placard examples [pdf]



November 28, 2010 Palmer, Mass. USA (AP)Firefighters work on propane tanker

Authorities say an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer carrying liquefied propane through western Massachusetts has crashed into a utility pole and burst into flames, forcing the evacuation of about 100 people who live nearby.

State Police Sgt. Matthew Murray says no injuries were reported in the crash Friday night in Palmer.

Palmer Emergency Management Director Donald C. Elliott tells The Republican newspaper that the truck was carrying about 100 gallons of propane and that officials decided to let the fire burn rather than letting firefighters near it.

Some roads have been blocked, but Palmer police Sgt. Christopher Burns tells WWLP-TV that the "hazard is diminishing.

Source AP



November 28, 2010 Lusaka ZAMBIA

Two Zimbabwean tankers loaded with petrol and diesel bound for the Copperbelt overturned 41 kilometers before Kabwe after they lost control.

Central Province Permanent Secretary Denny Lumbama has expressed sadness at the loss of lives on the Kabwe-Kapiri road in an accident that happened last night. Overturned tanker in Zambia

Mr Lumbama in an interview with ZANIS today said that the accident was a great tragedy which could have been avoided. He cautioned people to avoid travelling at night especially with the onset of rains.

Mr Lumbama said travelling at night in the rain season was very dangerous as it was not easy for anyone to see clearly in the rains.

He also cautioned truck drivers to be cautious of road traffic rules by avoiding parking on dark spots and by ensuring clear signs on the road for other road users to see clearly and avoid accidents of this nature. Mr Lumbama further said road safety should be everyone’s responsibility if accidents are to be reduced on roads.

13 people among them two babies perished in a road traffic accident on the Kapiri-Kabwe road that involved a canter truck and a Petrotech-fuel tanker.

And Passengers, Pedestrian and Cyclists Association of Zambia (PAPECA) have also expressed sadness over the death of the 13 passengers.

PAPECA president Lawrence Kaoma says it is regrettable that the nation had to lose so many people when the situation would have been avoided. Mr Kaoma said the use of open trucks as public transport was the cause of such accidents as they were mostly overcrowded and therefore urged the public to shun using open trucks for transport.

He has also called on the police command to ban the use of open trucks as public transport if the nation was to preserve the lives of people. The PAPECA president was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.




December 1, 2010 Girlsta Shetland Islands UK

A man was injured this morning after his car was in a crash with a fuel tanker at Girlsta. The main road had to be closed for about an hour while the police and other emergency services dealt with the accident.

The 27-year-old car driver was taken to the Gilbert Bain Hospital for treatment. The tanker driver was not hurt and nobody else was involved.

The tanker was reported to be laden with aviation fuel when the crash happened at around 10.30am. The police are looking for witnesses.

Although drivers are having to be careful in the snow, particularly during the ongoing showers, there have been no reported road blockages.




November 29, 2010 Springfield Massachusetts, USA

Victor M. Aponte Jr., the Holyoke man accused of causing the fatal 2008 accident on Interstate 91 at the Chicopee Curve that killed a driver of a fuel tanker truck, is set to face trial today.


Fire crews at Chicopee Curve

Fire crews at Chicopee Curve

Tanker fire at Chicopee Curve

Tanker fire at Chicopee Curve

The 37-year-old Aponte stands accused in Hampden Superior Court on an indictment charging him with motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation. He has pleaded innocent.

The accident on March 28, 2008, resulted in the death of tanker driver Aaron J. Staelens, 43, of Richmond, N.H.

A state police investigation concluded Aponte caused a chain-reaction accident when he entered Interstate 91 north via the on-ramp from Interstate 391 and lost control of his vehicle, striking another car.

The tanker truck veered off the road as Staelens tried to avoid hitting one of the cars and struck a guardrail and lamppost, police said. The trailer’s cab ended up on the top of the guardrail, and the fuel tanker separated from the rig and rolled down the embankment, landing just off Center Street and exploding into a huge fireball.

Staelens was trapped in his burning cab, but eventually freed himself. He died later that night at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Pre-trial matters in Aponte’s case were heard by Judge C. Brian McDonald last week in preparation for jury selection, which is slated to begin this morning.

Prospective jurors will be queried about the effect that widespread media coverage of the accident may have had on them, McDonald said. The accident led to a massive tie-up on the interstates for much of the day on which it occurred.

It is unclear how much testimony the jury will hear about the particulars of Staelens’ death. The prosecution and defense have agreed to a stipulation that the jury be told Staelens died as a result of the burns he suffered in the fire in his truck cab, meaning medical details of his injuries will likely be limited.

The prosecution’s case will present two theories of evidence, according to assistant district attorney Stuart D. Weissman. One is that there was excessive speed, while the other involves evidence that Aponte’s 1995 Subaru Impreza had mechanical problems of which he was aware before the accident.

Weissman said the prosecution will present testimony from a witness who will say Aponte knew there were problems with the car. Aponte’s lawyer, John O’Neill, says he does not agree the testimony will be admissible.

Firefighter makes his way to the tanker fireStaelens grew up in the Franklin County town of Conway, attended Frontier Regional School in Deerfield and graduated from Franklin County Technical School in Montague. He was working for Abenaqui Carriers of North Hampton, N.H., at the time of the accident.

The prosecution’s case will allege that Aponte lost control of his vehicle, and Staelens lost control of the truck as he tried to manoeuvre his rig around Aponte’s Subaru, according to Weissman.

Aponte then hit another car in the high-speed lane, causing his car to bounce back and hit the tanker which had already veered off the highway, the prosecutor said.

More than 10,000 gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel spilled onto the interstate and into the embankment below and the Connecticut River. It took more than six months for the clean-up of the fuel spill to be completed. Aponte is free on his personal recognizance.




December 2, 2010 Byron Township Michigan USA

A Grand Rapids man who walked on to northbound U.S. 131 this morning is expected to survive injures that he suffered when he was struck by a fuel tanker, whose driver managed to only clip the victim instead of running him down.Rescuers transport man for treatment

State police troopers said James Spooner, 52, was admitted to Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital with serious injuries following the 10:15 a.m. crash south of 76th Street. He may lose a leg, authorities said.

Trooper Bruce Cojeen said the driver of a Brenner Oil Company truck did an outstanding job of trying to avoid the crash with Spooner. Despite the slippery and snowy conditions, the driver, who was not identified by police, braked, checked his side mirror and safely swerved into another lane.

Cojeen said Spooner parked his vehicle on the freeway shoulder, turned off the vehicle and stepped into the road. He had not broken down or crashed, police said.

"We've found no good reason for him to be out of his car," Cojeen said. "The driver could not avoid the crash, but he did a great job taking the evasive action that he did."






We have mentioned in previous CROIERG News Reports on the use of popcorn in simulated oil spill exercises.

Here is a report from Brazil of this use on a large scale Ed

Maybe in The Land of the Kangaroo we should give this a go?

Note this report was sourced from Don Johnston’s excellent Dangerous Goods Newsy Stuff and the aptly name "Tree Hugger" website

December 10 BRAZIL

Last week, a boat in the Amazon spilled around 820,000 litres of popcorn into a major river, making the surface of the water look a bit like the floor of a movie theatre.

Fortunately, it didn't take long before an oil company's emergency clean-up crew was mobilized to tackle the floating patches of popped kernels with around 30 boats, 6,500 feet of containment boom, and five skimmers as airplanes coordinated the effort overhead.

Popcorn being used to simulate an oil spill on The Amazon

Popcorn being used to simulate an oil spill on The Amazon

Brazilian oil skimmer in action

Brazilian oil skimmer in action

But despite all the action taken to quell the spill, no one involved was ever really worried about the popular snack-food-leak getting out of control -- in fact, the whole incident was staged. Just think of it as a pop quiz of sorts.

The popcorn leak was part of an elaborate simulation to test the readiness of emergencies crews in the event of a real environmental disaster. It was coordinated by the oil company Petrobras, along with the Brazilian navy and carried out in the waters of the Rio Negro, a major tributary of the Amazon river. With some oil drilling operations located deep within the Amazon rainforest, rivers provide an important means of transport, and thus are the site of a potential oil spill.

Last week's simulated leak was designed to represent a "plausible scenario" in which a mid-size ferry has run aground, spilling thousands of gallons of oil into the river over the course of several days. "Major emergencies do not happen often, so it is a fantastic opportunity to exercise the team and the technology," Petrobras' regional manager Márcio Derton told the EFE.

Unsalted popcorn was chosen to represent the spilled oil for several reasons -- it floats like an oil slick and does no damage to the environment. Plus, if any of the stuff manages to elude the clean-up crews, it makes an ideal snack for fish.

In the past ten years, millions of dollars has been invested by the oil company to help protect against oil spills during transport, and such simulations ensure that if they do occur, the team will be better prepared to handle it.

So, all the calories burned cleaning up the popcorn spill may one day prove to have been an invaluable exercise - even if they are just empty calories, really.




Tanker Truck starts chain-reaction

December 14, 2010 JoongAng South Korea

Eight people died in car accidents yesterday because of icy conditions on motorways in Sangju, North Gyeongsang. Another 22 people were injured.

In one accident, at about 4:30 a.m., six vehicles collided on the motorway connecting Sangju, North Gyeongsang, and Cheongwon, North Chungcheong. Seven people were killed and two were injured in the crash. Those injured were hospitalized for treatment.

The chain-reaction accident was triggered by a tanker truck skidding on the roadway - the driver was killed in the accident.

Another driver of a cargo truck and all five people in a sedan were also killed after being hit by another tanker truck.

A separate nine-vehicle collision occurred about 20 minutes earlier about 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the other crash site, injuring 22 people.

The crash started a fire, destroying four cars and damaging four trucks. Meanwhile, one person died during an accident at about 6:20 a.m. near Sangju on the Jungbu Expressway. A mixture of rain and snow fell in the region at about 1 a.m. yesterday, leading to slick road conditions, authorities said.

Source www.joongangdaily



Four tanker incidents in Nigeria. Ed

December 3, Lagos, NIGERIA

Incident (1)

About 10 people were again on Thursday morning feared burnt to death as a fuel tanker went up in flames around Alakija,  on the Badagry Expressway in Lagos State. The incident, the Lagos Police Command says, is already being investigated.

About  10  vehicles were also completely  burnt in the accident   and several  occupants of the affected vehicles injured  in the scramble to escape from the ravaging fire.

The  Thursday inferno created panic among residents of the communities along the expressway,   especially among relations of people who had gone to work before the incident, while the burnt tanker  caused serious traffic gridlock on the expressway.

The explosion occurred a day after over 10 people were burnt to death as a passenger  bus  exploded around Magodo on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

"The tanker was said to be laden with  content suspected to be  Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), I was heading towards Badagry, when it ran into a ditch  and exploded," said an eyewitness. Nigerian tanker crash

The Nigerian Tribune gathered that  the accident occurred around 5.52 a.m. and that the driver of the MACK  tanker,   with the registration No  XZ 777 JJJ, was trying to avoid an on-coming car that attempted a dangerous overtaking before him.

The driver of the trailer, after having reportedly run into the deep ditch,  tried to control the vehicle from crashing into  other vehicles on the road,  crushed  its rear against a culvert and exploded into a large ball of fire that spread through the vicinity and gutted all approaching vehicles.

Three firefighting  trucks from several service stations responded to the incident and assisted in putting out the fire while  policemen from Festac and Satellite divisions, led by their respective DPOs were on the ground, providing security, clearing obstruction and rendering other humanitarian services.

Investigations into the incident have since commenced and  road users have been  advised to exercise caution and obey traffic rules and regulations, while on the highway.

Drivers, mostly those driving commercial bus, plying the Badagry Expressway route, staged a protest against the alleged incessant recklessness of tanker drivers on the route.

They accused tanker drivers of sending many people to early graves, due to their carefree attitude.
The spokesman of the state police command, Frank Mba, confirmed the incident.

Major disaster averted as tanker unloading fuel catches fire (Nigeria)

Incident (2)


Meanwhile, what could have been a major disaster was averted in Abeokuta, as a tanker unloading fuel caught fire when the driver of the 30,000-litre tanker, with registration number LAGOS XT 528 SMK, started the engine.

The incident, which occurred at Fatgbems Petrol Station, on M.K.O. Abiola Way, Abeokuta, caused stampede, as passers-by, motorists and passengers ran for safety.

An eyewitness, Mr Nurudeen Bello, told newsmen that the incident occurred around 6.40 a.m, while an Opel car entering the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) premises, opposite the said petrol station, to refill its tank got burnt.

"Before we knew what was happening, the tanker, marked ‘Fatgbems Petroleum,’ had caught fire,’’ he said.

Bello, a stock officer with the filling station, added that this prompted a motor boy, whose name he gave as Rasheed Babatunde, to quickly enter the tanker and moved it out of the station.

Another eyewitness, Mr Ayodele Adio, a senior tanker driver with the station, said it was the prompt arrival of the men of the Ogun State Fire Service that saved the filling station, the NNPC mega station and the library from being burnt.

Officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and TRACE had hectic time controlling the traffic.




Again in Nigeria. Ed

Incident (3)

December 9, 2010 Lagos Nigeria

"This is the worst traffic jam I have experienced in my 17 years in Lagos. I have been here since about 9.30 a.m., it is now 2.30 p.m. and the entire road remains blocked. As it is already, the day is wasted."

"Mother of all traffic jams." That was what Kunle Bodurin, a medical equipment sales representative, yesterday called the scene ahead of him as he wearily stepped out of his car at Charity Bus Stop and surveyed the endless line of vehicles, three abreast, winding their way towards Anthony, along Oshodi-Oworonsoki Expressway.

Anthony area was where the gridlock, Bodurin referred to started at about 6.30 a.m.
Shortly after, it led to a gridlock that paralysed activities in Lagos metropolis for close to 10 hours.

A fully-loaded 33, 000-litre capacity tanker fell off the truck and across the road, on its way to one of the northern states.

To prevent any fire outbreak, if motorists were allowed to still use the road, Police, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) officers blocked the road for vehicles from Oshodi and those from Ikorodu, desirous of getting onto the Oworonsoki highway.

Their response was quite prompt but it yielded little or no result as the gridlock paralysed business activities in the whole of Lagos.

They may have had at the back of their minds the death of six persons, including a pregnant woman; her baby and husband in a fire after a tanker fell a few days ago near Fin -Niger Bus Stop on the Badagry Expressway. Most of those who died were trapped in their cars as they tried to drive past the scene.

An eyewitness told The Guardian that deafening noise of the crash caused panic within the area as people began to run as far away from the scene as they could , for fear of a fire outbreak.

The ripple effect of the accident was a harrowing traffic jam that spilled to all parts of the metropolis until around 4.00p.m. when it subsided.

Vehicles heading towards the Apapa Expressway from Ikeja , Sango and Agege, were stuck in the traffic for hours.

The entire stretch of Oworosonki and Apapa-Oshodi Expressways from Oshodi to Mile Two was paralysed.



And yet again!

Incident (4)

Thursday, December 09, 2010 Lagos, NIGERIA

Another tanker fire was averted yesterday in Lagos when a tanker loaded with fuel fell across the road in the Anthony Village area, opposite The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM).
However, the quick intervention of men of the state Fire Service and other security agencies saved Lagosians from another tragedy.

Last week Thursday, a petrol tanker ran into a ditch at the Fin-Niger area of the metropolis and caught fire. More than 10 persons lost their lives while property worth millions of naira were consumed in the inferno.

Also yesterday, thousands of commuters were stranded as the accident caused traffic gridlock that spilled over to many routes in the state.
Motorists were forced to abandoned their vehicles and resorted to trekking to different areas of assignments.

The reason why the tanker fell down could not be ascertained as at press time but an eyewitness, Mike Money told Daily Sun that the driver ran into a pot-hole on the road, causing the tanker to tumble.

Money said immediately the tanker ran into the ditch, it fell off and substances suspected to be Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) spilled on the road. He said due to the tragedy that befell Lagosians last Thursday, motorists abandoned their vehicles on the road and fled for safety, while commuters took to their heels.

However, some eyewitnesses put up calls to the state Fire Service and the police who responded quickly.
The Fire Services men were said to sprinkle some foaming chemical on the tanker and on the scene to avoid possible fire outbreak. The Fire Service with the help of LASTMA and other agencies succeeded in evacuating the fuel and transferred it to another tanker.

As at press time, the traffic situation was chaotic. The gridlock extended to the Ikorodu, Airport roads and Oshodi-Mile 2 Expressway. Some of the stranded commuters who spoke to Daily Sun said they had no choice than to trek to their destinations. A pregnant woman, Justina Agwu said: "I went to the clinic for antenatal care but as you can see I don’t have any other alternative than to start trekking home as there is no vehicle."




December 11, 2010 Nashville, Tennessee USA

A tanker crash sent flames shooting 150 feet in the air, closed one of the major thoroughfares into Columbia and sent four people to the hospital Saturday.

The wreck - involving a sport utility vehicle and an 8,500 gallon gasoline tanker - happened about 2:30 a.m. on Nashville Highway near East Burt Drive.Nashville tanker fire

Two people were airlifted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and two were taken by ambulance to Maury Regional Medical Center.

The sport utility vehicle was not burned, and all of those involved in the wreck escaped the flames, officials said.

The fire burnt telecommunications lines, leading to outages for customers. The blaze’s intense heat melted asphalt on the southbound lanes of Nashville Highway, reducing it to gravel.

Authorities are advising residents to avoid Nashville Highway near East Burt Drive today. The road should be reopened later tonight.




December 19, 2010 Kent. UK Icy conditions on UK Motorways

Part of a Kent motorway reopened this afternoon after a petrol tanker overturned in icy conditions.

The M26 westbound was shut after the incident between junctions five and six of the M25 at about 9am.

The M25 was also closed in both directions.

A Kent Police spokesman said: "It’s taken most of the day to ascertain the danger involved and to make the petrol safe and then to remove the tanker.

"Things will slowly start to get back to normal but there will be a bit of a backlog as the M25 and M26 westbound clear."




A smash between two trucks near the summit of the Kaimais blocked State Highway 29 this morning and covered the road with debris.

Kaimai crash

Kaimai crash

Scene at crash on SH29 road over the Kaimais

Scene at crash on SH29 road over the Kaimais

Police Northern Communications spokesperson Jeanette Guttery said a collision between a truck and tanker, was reported at 8.45am. One of the two trucks had rolled and spilled its contents across the road.

She said the crash also caused a number of nose-to-tail crashes on the hill.

One person was trapped in a car with what were believed to be moderate to serious injuries. Another motorist sustained moderate injuries.

St John communications team manager Keith Hall said one person was being taken to Tauranga Hospital in a serious condition. Another was being taken to a medical centre in Matamata with minor injuries.

The road was closed at the Cambridge Rd SH 29 intersection and police advised of alternative routes through Rotorua or Waihi.

State Highway 29 over the Kaimai Ranges has been reopened just after 2.00pm today.

Fire crews with hazmat chemical equipment were being sent from Hamilton.

Jaron Phillips, shift manager of Fire northern communications centre, said one truck was full of whey and the other was carrying palm kernel Fire crews were using rescue equipment to help the trapped person, Mr Phillips said.

Weather conditions were wet and foggy and Mr Phillips said the road would have been "very slippery" at the time of the crash. A diversion had been put in place through State Highway 28 (Rapurapu Rd) on the other side of the hill.

Environment Waikato was this morning travelling to assess the scene.

Marcia Henderson, who owns Te Poi Service Station on the Waikato side of the Kaimais, said she believed it was far more than "just a crash".
"It must be huge," she said.

Ms Henderson, who runs the station at the intersection of State Highway 29 and Te Poi Rd, said she received a call from her sister in Matamata who warned her that many emergency services vehicles were heading her way.

"The dog unit just went through and my sister said the police car went out, then the fire engine, the ambulance then three cop cars and just now, about 10 minutes ago, the incident unit went past with a bigger fire engine and the dog handler car sped past," she said. "I don't know what's going on but there's no traffic coming from the Kaimais."

Brendon Ruck, who works at the Ballance Agri Nutrients service centre at Te Poi said that traffic was backed up to their premises by 9.45am. Many trucks were turning around and heading back rather than sitting in the queue, he said.




December 6, 2010 Blewett Pass, Wash. USA

U.S. 97 over Blewett Pass closed Monday afternoon due to a crash involving a semi-truck.

Tanker rollover on Blewett Pass

Tanker rollover on Blewett Pass

The Washington State Department of Transportation reported the crash at 11:20 a.m.

Blewett Pass is not expected to reopen until 3:30 p.m.

There is no word on any injuries due to the crash, or what caused it. Slush and ice were on the road at the time of the crash.




December 20, 2010: Louth N. Ireland

A 24-year old man died in a fire at a small oil depot in Castleroche, Louth.

The blaze destroyed 3 tankers and fire crews had to exercise caution given the fuel stored there.



December 1, 2010 Isle La Motte, Vermont -

A fuel tanker went off the road and tipped over in Isle La Motte Wednesday.

It happened on Route 129.

Tanker of road in Vermont

Tanker off road in Vermont

The fuel truck veered off the edge of the road, tipping over and landing sideways in a ditch.

Authorities worked for hours to remove the truck, first emptying the fuel tank to prevent explosions. No fuel leaked during the accident and the driver was not injured.

The truck was the only vehicle involved in the accident.



December 1, 2010 Raipur INDIA


A site manager and 4 workers were killed in an explosion on Tuesday at the Euro Pratik steel facility in the Siltara industrial area of Raipur.

A leaking oil tanker was undergoing maintenance when the explosion occurred.



December 8, 2010 Edmonton, CANADA

A collision between two trucks near McNally Creek, 20 km north of Enterprise, has left one man dead and two injured.Alberta tanker and truck crash

The collision occurred at approximately 10:30 a.m., when an empty southbound RTL Robinson Enterprises Ltd. tanker collided with a northbound Manitoulin Transport truck filled with the Fort Simpson grocery load.

Forty-five year old Walter Fabbro of Edmonton was in the sleeper of the northbound vehicle and was killed in the collision. The driver of the Manitoulin truck was taken to the H.H. Williams Memorial Hospital in Hay River and released later that night.

The driver of the southbound vehicle was medivaced to Edmonton with what Const. Jack Keefe, lead investigator with the Hay River RCMP detachment, called "serious but not life threatening injuries." Keefe said that the weather was a contributing factor in the accident." A contribution was the condition of the highway and the weather at the time," he said.

"The snow was packed down on the road and there was blowing snow."

He also said the swirling snow created by the transport trucks created near white out conditions.

Keefe said the collision was not directly head on, but that the left front ends of the vehicles collided.

"I wouldn’t call it a head on collision, but the did hit," he said.

The highway was closed while emergency crews and RCMP were on scene, but one lane was opened up in the afternoon to let some traffic through. The accident is still under investigation by the RCMP.




December 18, 2010 Cotswolds UK

A road in the Cotswolds has been closed after a crash involving a fuel tanker.

Police have shut the A429 between Cirencester and Northleach after the collision which happened just before 8am near the Fossebridge Inn. Three cars, a Citroen Berlingo, a Renault Laguna and a Volvo S80 were involved, along with a fuel tanker. No-one is thought to have been seriously injured.

Inspector Joseph Tierney, from Gloucestershire police, said: "The tanker is still intact and there is no leakage. We don't believe there is any danger to members of the public. "There will be a delay in reopening the road due to the weather conditions and facilitating recovery. There will be some difficulty in getting the road open.




December 18, 2010 OREM, Utah USA–

Crews are working to clean up an early morning oil tanker crash in Orem.
It happened Just before 3:00 a.m. near 800 North and the mouth of Provo Canyon.

Police tell ABC 4 the driver may have been going too fast for the winter road conditions. He lost control, and the tanker rolled onto its side.

Utah tanker rollover in snow

No one was injured, but a small amount of oil was spilled. 
All westbound lanes on 800 North and University Avenue are blocked as a result of the crash. 

Officers on scene said they hope to have the incident cleaned up by 10:00 a.m.


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